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VFM, founded in 1994 as a 100% private company, experienced all its history the difficult period of transition and restructuring of the Romanian economy. VFM took in care the plastic processing, packaging and recycling activities from the mother company BraPlast srl, founded in 1992

1991 Establishing the nucleus of the company BraPlast and its object of activity, at the initiative of the actual major shareholder, Eng. Mircea Vlad.
1992 Registration of the company. First contract for the complete design and delivery of a technology for producing plastics components of heat exchangers for automotive industry at the main producer of radiators in Romania. Installation of a complete high production line for producing thin-wall packaging. Installation of a complete line for producing and printing packaging for motor oil.
1993 Opening of the activity of the production workshop, destinated for executing pilot production, testing of molds and materials and designing the QA procedures in a 400 sq.m new workshop. Beginning the activities for mould and machine parts design.
1994 Complete integration of CAD system for design of lines, machineries and parts, new products and molds

Enlarging of the activities in packaging technologies, materials and machineries.

Opening of the department for plastics recycling

1999 Opening of the R&D and QA laboratory as part of the future Technical Centre. Transfer of the activities to VFM

VFM and their Partners specialize in working projects in the whole teritory of Romania, for more than 300 customers. VFM Service is located in Brasov, in the central part of Romania, 170 km far from the main city of the country, Bucharest, and about 400 km from each far point of the country.

Specialists in plastics processing, printing and packaging, BraPlast is able:

VFM works first to assess the nature, size and requirements of the tasks THAN, depending on the expertise and resources available, to put together a high level team to accomplish the project. It is usual to us to encourage the clients to assist the project at all the levels, from the inquiry formulation to commissioning and troubleshooting.