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VFM can quote, supply , install ,start-up and provide maintaining and repairing services the following equipments and installations:

(All goods and services are supplied with guarantee, training, service, repairing and spare parts. For some an on-line service is provided. )

Plastic processing Plastic recycling Moulds and ancillaries Measuring systems and devices Printing on plastic Spare parts Packaging


Injection moulding

For all thermoplastic materials
For monomaterial or multimaterial injection

For insert injection
For thin wall products
Gas assisted injection moulding

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PET injection moulding Preforms for bottles, jars, containers  
Extrusion blow moulding Bottles, jars, jerry cans, drums, technical articles (auto).  
Stretch blow moulding Bottles, jars , containers in PET, PVC, PP, PC, etc  
Injection blow moulding Hollow bodies  
Flexible film extrusion blowing and casting Monolayer or multilayer films for packaging, building, agriculture, shopping. Shrink film. Stretch film. microperforated film air bubble film, foam film,  
Rigid film extrusion Thermoforming film, in PVC, HIPS, GPSS, APE, PP, PE  
Thick films and sheets extrusion Thick films and sheets  
Pipe and tubes extrusion Pipes and tubes in MDPE, PVC, PP for air, gas, water distribution systems .  
Profile extrusion Plastic profiles in PVC, PP, PS, etc, including window profile .  
Electrical cables and wires sheeting. Insultated cables and wires  
Foam films and sheets Foam sheets and films in  EPS, EPE, EPP  
Air bubble film extrusion Air bubble film.  
Cast flexible film BOPP, OPP, CPP, CPET Packaging, stretch films  
Foam injection Packaging products  
Bag making Bags of different types, shopping bags, etc.  
Slitting rewinding and laminating Laminated films for packaging.  
Wowen bag production Woven bags with or without internal liner for chemicals, foods, cement, etc.  
PU products manufacturing PU rigid or flexible products.  
Welding products for packaging, office, medical, auto, electrotechnics and electronics  
Thermoforming and vacuum forming Packaging, blister, industrial (auto components, refrigerators, etc)  
Ultrasonic welding Welded products in plastic and metal.  
High frequency welding Welded products in plastics, metal  
Hot air welding Welded films and other products.  
Hot plate welding Welded plastic products  
Vibration welding Products in auto and electro industry  
Recycling Granulators and compounders  
Densificator/agglomerator film scrap recycling  
3D rotation moulding Big products with uniform wall thickness  

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Equipment, installation and machinery for plastic scrap collecting

Collecting vehicles

Collecting bins (up to 5 cm)

Collecting bags and containers

Equipment and machines for plastic scrap compacting

Stationary compactors (manual, pneumatic, hydraulic)

Mobile compactors

Small manual or semi-automatic compactors

Compacting devices on collecting bins

Shredders For shredding the waste  

Vertical balers

Horizontal balers


Dry grinders

Wet grinders

Sorting conveyors

Mobile sorting conveyors

Static sorting plants

Contaminant separators

Magnetic detectors for ferrous materials

HF separators for non-ferrous metallic materials

IR sorting machines


Waste washing plants and machines

Mobile washing plants (small and medium capacity)

Static washing plants (all capacities)

Drying plants

Screw mechanical dryiers

Centrifugal dryiers

Hot air dryiers

Densification and crystallization machines For IV increase of PET regrind  
Packing machines (bagging machines) Baggers  

Band conveyors

Screw conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors

Granulation (pelettising) plants


Compounding machines

Laboratory equipment and devices Measuring systems for measuring the contamination  
Complete plants

Complete system for collecting the waste for municipalities, villages, regions. Sorting and transfer stations . Centralized recuperating end recycling plants. Complete mono and multi material recycling.

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Compressors For low, medium and high air pressure. Pressure boosters  
Dehumidification units For moulds and machines  
Chillers Air chilled or water chilled, for interior or exterior.  
Mould temperature regulators Precise regulating of the mould temperature  
Autoloaders For virgin material, recycled material or masterbatch  
Dryiers For plastics  
Volumetric and gravimetric dozing units and plants Dozing of the materials  
Conveyors for products For finished products and for scrap  
Robots Process automation  
Components for hot runner moulds Mould building  
Screws and barrels (general or specific projects, in standard or special covering execution)  

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VFM is designing, building and demonstrating quality moulds at Romanian prices

CAD design and process simulation. Short execution period. Very good prices. Guarantee.


- Blow molding moulds

- Injection molding moulds

- Thermoforming moulds

- Extrusion and calibration dies

Send us the drawing of your product and the capacity you need and you will get our best quotation.

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Non-contact, dimensional measuring (laser, ultrasound capacitive, inductive, HF or X-ray) 

For measuring the diameters of pipes, tubes, cables, wires, optic cables, etc.

Concentricity deviation measuring

Profiles measuring

measuring the profile deviation from the designed one.

Concentricity measuring Inductive, on-line core concentricity deviation in respect to the insulation at cable extruding lines.  
Wall thickness measuring

Ultrasonic measuring of the wall thickness of the tubes and pipes

Measuring of the concentricity of the active core in respect to the insulation.

Measuring of the active cores position in respect to the insulation at the executilon of multi-wired cables.

Insulation layers thickness measuring X-Ray measuring of the layer insulation and of the concentricity for electrical power multilayer insulated cables  
Inductive thickness measuring of insulation thickness Inductive measuring of the insulation thickness for data and phone cables.  
Cable capacitance measuring Monitoring system for the electrical capacitance of the cables, in line, without contact, high speed, for cables of type CAT6 aind inferior to these., for phone cables , simple or coax. For an in line analyze the Fast Fourier transforming analyzer (FFT) is added.  
In line measuring of the parameters of cellular cables Process control center providing the interactive control for the solid, cellular or foamed skin. Proved algorithms, combined with product specification offer an optimal control .  
Defect detection units (lumps, neckdowns, etc.) In line detection of the defects of the insulation in cable and wire producing lines.  
Spark testing Complete range for cc and ac and for high frequency supplies which can be configurated for most of the applications with high voltage up to 40 kV .  
Inductive heating of the conductors Complete range of pre heating units, of low and high frequency for applications starting with the building wires and rods and up to the data transmission cables, high speed CAT6 telephonic conductors and usperior to these which are asking for voltage control.  
Material properties measuring devices

Flow index measuring

Standard weights for Flow Index measuring. 

Ancillaries for Flow Index measuring A

Density gradient measuring 

Apparent density measuring

Density scales

Humidity scales

Spectro photometric material detectors

IR material detectors

Test samples production devices

Small injection molders for test samples

Moulds for producing standard test samples

Two and three roll machines for extrusion test samples

Small film blowing machines

Small foil and film casting machines 

Cutting presses for cutting the test samples 

NC cutting machines for producing test samples

Perforating machines for hole cutting on the test samples

Product and test samples parameters testing devices

Static and dynamic friction

Impact test (Universal pendulum)

Impact testing with down falling vertical pendulum 

Hear deformation and VICAT softening point determination. 

Thermal ageing

Low temperature fragility

break due to ambient using stress

Linear thermal contraction of films

Film contraction with hot plate.

Abrasive resistance testing

Break and flow stress determination

Break and flow elongation detemination

Film, foil, sheet and plate thickness measuring

Air blown film thickness

Cast films thickness

Cast sheets thickness


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Mechanical spares

Original spares, made after the original documentation

Replacing spares, designed by us after your original model or drawing

Redesigned spares


Hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems

Original spares, after their original code and type

Adapted spares, replacing the original spares, from first hand suppliers

Romanian manufactured spares. adapted after the original documentation of the machine.

Repaired components

Electric and electronic spares. Modernisation

Original spares, after their original code and type

Adapted spares, replacing the original spares, from first hand suppliers

Romanian manufactured spares. adapted after the original documentation of the machine.

Repaired components

Documentation for the machines

Complete original documentation after the machine type, code, producer and year of fabrication.

Remade documentation after the machine you have

Redesign and rebuilt of machinery

Redesigning and rebuilding of hydraulic systems and components

Redesigning and rebuilding of pneumatic systems and components

Redesigning and rebuilding of electric and electronic  systems and components

Redesigning and rebuilding of control systems systems and components

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Flexographic printing machines 1-8 colors, for plastic film, cello, paper, cardboard, metal  
Rotogravure printing machines 1-12 colors, for plastic film, cello, paper, cardboard  
Metal plates printing machines Printing and covering of metal plates  
Slitting and rewinding machines Cutting and winding of films  
Pad printing machines

Printing on products made in plastics, glass, ceramics, metal.

Printing of CD- s and Credit Cards.

Printing on textiles

Screen printing machines

Printing on products made in plastics, glass, ceramics, metal.

Printing of CD- s and Credit Cards.

Printing on textiles

Label printing machines Multicolor labels, on sheets or on rolls  
Thermal transfer presses Frinting on products by thermal transferable film  
Printing machines on big vertical support Direct printing on walls, vertical panels, glasses, draperies  
Printing inks and consumables For all printing processes and all support materials  
Photo polymeric plates, pads For pad and flexo printing machines  
Preprinting equipment For photo polymeric plates and films, including "computer to plate" technology  
Printing cylinders For flexo and rotogravure printers  

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